Tuesday, October 07, 2008

empty bowl.

this story is about a bowl.

I've been reading this book called Everyday Sacred which was recommended by a friend. As you can get the idea from the title of the book, it's about thoughts on everyday life, thoughts on simple but important things.

The purpose of writing the book by the author in an image of an empty bowl made me realize that the same thing applies to our life as well.

We often times try to decide what we are looking for when we begin something in life, however, what happens often times is that we find what we were looking for along the way. Even if we decide what it is that we are looking for in the beginning, it might not be it what we find at the end of the journey.

We don't need to figure out everything in order to begin something. We will get to know what it is when the time comes and "I" need to stop wasting my energy for nothing.

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