Tuesday, July 22, 2008

true ttv


I've been wanting to try TtV(Through the Viewfinder) for quite a long time but I didn't have a proper camera for that.

Since my wonderful friend Bill got me Kodak Duaflex II yesterday I was able to get some real TtV shots. It might sound too geeky but this is how I got this shot - I took the shot with my Nikon D50 through the viewfinder of my new toy (Kodak Duaflex II) using Mel's macro lens (Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8G ED).

I really like the idea of working with both analog and digital together.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

kamome shokudō

My friend Monika recommended me this Japanese film, Kamome Shokudo, a while ago and I finally had time to finish watching it today. I watched it without the subtitle as my Macbook Pro didn't support the subtitle. Surprisingly, my Japanese didn't get too bad after all.

I enjoyed this film a lot as it didn't try too hard, unlike typical Hollywood films, to come up with a dramatic story or to impress the audience. Also, the slowness of life, the openness to the possibilities, the warmth of human beings, and of course the art direction really worked for me.


Kamome Shokudō (かもめ食堂, Kamome shokudō?) is a 2006 comedy film written and directed by Japanese director Naoko Ogigami, based on a novel by Yōko Mure. The film is set in the Finnish capital Helsinki, and follows a Japanese woman who sets up a diner serving Japanese food in the city, and the friends she makes in the process.

From Wikipedia

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Monday, May 19, 2008

analog days.

girls on a sleigh

It seems to me that our digital generation misses analog days. I got this cross-processing tutorial online and thought would give it a try.

The photo taken last Christmas does look like a photo from 70's.

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