Thursday, July 24, 2008


barnett newman, moma, nyc

My Friend Nate and I talk silly all the time. Here's a good example on Facebook chat today. It's funny that it doesn't seem to make sense but makes the best sense to us at the same time!

how are you today ms. moon?


why are you dreaming of india?

my heart is still beating
i wanna go

i want to see india during monsoon.
never been when it's raining.

i know how to count numbers in swedish now
i will practice it in india
good idea right?

yes. it's the best place to practise your swedish.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

new friend

janessa's dream

I had a wonderful afternoon spending time with a new friend Janessa. Janessa and I've known each other for quite a few months however it was the first time today for us to hang out alone.

After a photography exhibition, we went to a cute coffee shop to rest our feet and enjoy the summer afternoon with some tea/ coffee.

I asked her to be a part of my "We Dream" project. This is her photo I took while she was talking about her dream. I think people look the most beautiful when they talk about their dreams and passions.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

eight years @ grande

tiny grande.

I found a friend who I lost a contact for the past eight years through Facebook and the friend is visiting Korea now. We went out for dinner, wine, conversation, and lots of catching up. I had a great time. After all the past eight years and so many changes in lives, we are still good friends and my heart felt so warm entire time through out the dinner. I've got a light hang over this morning but I'm sure that I will do dinner, wine, and conversation with a lost friend again even for a heavier hang over. So, my Thursday starts here.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

words are low resolution


Nate and I were talking on MSN the other day. Based on what he said during our conversation I came up with something simple that I might use for the t-biz I'm planning on running someday.

It basically is the idea that how hard it is to deliver complicated thoughts into words and how blurry the idea is when it's spoken.

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