Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what's left behind

the prayers

One of my Flickr friends Billy G. is a great writer. He started posting his writings along with his photos on his Flickr photostream. Here's one of his stories I could relate to the most. It didn't take long for me to have teary eyes.


what's left behind by billy gomez.

"what happens when people die? the boy asked his mother. she looked down at him and stared for a few moments... never ceasing to be amazed by the boy's inquiries.
"well honey, when people die, they sort of... they sort of leave things behind."
"like what?"
"like... everyone they knew and loved."
"and what else?"
she reached into her purse and pulled something from it to wipe the boy's nose and mouth.
"well... they also leave behind everything they did."
"everything they did?"
"yeah, some of these things are good, and some of them are bad. hopefully more good things are left behind when someone dies."
"what kind of things are good?"
"the good things would be things like the people they loved, their family and friends... and it could also be the things they left in their work."
"yeah work... like say for example the person who died was a writer. a writer leaves behind everything he or she wrote."
"and the bad things?"
"the bad things could be things like... things... things like..."
her bottom lip was punctuating the words in a way she was unable to control... the boy stared up at her and waited patiently.
he reached for her hand and squeezed it. the bus shook and rattled... but the boy never let go.
"am i a good thing or a bad thing that dad left behind?" he asked her.
the woman closed her eyes and squeezed... everything she was holding back, came running down her face. the boy looked down at the hand he was holding. his eyes became more glossy.
she reached up and wiped hers, then reached down and did the same for him.
she took a deep breath and spoke.
"you are not a thing, my love... you are a gift. you were a gift to him, to me, and to everyone who lays eyes on you."
the boy thought about her words for a moment. the answer didn't seem good enough.
"do you think dad knew that?"
"of course he did."
his gloomy expression made way for a smile.
the mother reached down and wiped was left around his eyes. she squeezed his hands and looked towards the window.
the bus continued to shake and rattle. they had a ways to go.

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perfect evening.

betsy & i

My wonderful friend Betsy and I had a perfect evening together. Lots of girl talks, a perfect chick flick, wonderful music, lots of laughing, and home made pop-corns. It was exactly the kind of the evening that we needed and I'm in such a better mood tonight.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

eleven years.


Peter flew in for Two Week in Seoul and left a couple nights ago. It has been already eleven years since he and I met the first time in Tokyo. I was schooling and he was traveling for his documentary film making. It always amazes me how I get to meet people, get connected, and stay in touch in different ways...

The past two weeks had been wonderful having someone around who knows/ understands the path of my life for the past challenging years. The mug on the left in the picture is one of the gifts Peter brought from Z├╝rich. I take it as him being supportive on my We Dream project.

It says Nothing happens unless there is first a dream.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


barnett newman, moma, nyc

My Friend Nate and I talk silly all the time. Here's a good example on Facebook chat today. It's funny that it doesn't seem to make sense but makes the best sense to us at the same time!

how are you today ms. moon?


why are you dreaming of india?

my heart is still beating
i wanna go

i want to see india during monsoon.
never been when it's raining.

i know how to count numbers in swedish now
i will practice it in india
good idea right?

yes. it's the best place to practise your swedish.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new toys

new toys - kodak duaflex ii & seagull 4a

Last weekend was my lucky weekend. Bill got me Kodak Dueflex II(left) and Dave got me Seagull 4A(right). When people ask me how much they cost me, I say friendship.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

we dream

we dream

It was Monika's last day at work today. She's been a great co-worker, an excellent supporter, and a wonderful friend for the past a few months. I'm sure that I'll miss her at work very much everyday however I'm so happy for her that she gets a chance to travel, explore, and experience more of the world.

Monika has been one of those very few friends who encourages me to pursue my dream and inspired me to be more creative. Thanks Monika, you will be missed very much.


We dream therefore we are.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

eight years @ grande

tiny grande.

I found a friend who I lost a contact for the past eight years through Facebook and the friend is visiting Korea now. We went out for dinner, wine, conversation, and lots of catching up. I had a great time. After all the past eight years and so many changes in lives, we are still good friends and my heart felt so warm entire time through out the dinner. I've got a light hang over this morning but I'm sure that I will do dinner, wine, and conversation with a lost friend again even for a heavier hang over. So, my Thursday starts here.

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