Saturday, July 19, 2008

my childhood.

three sisters

This photo was taken in a village where I was born. I spent my childhood there running around everywhere in that small village till I became 8. My sisters and I spent our springs picking up some random spring herbs in the field, summers hanging out by the river, autumns picking up apples at my dad's orchard, and winters making snowmen at the school playground. I had such a wonderful childhood.

This photo makes me reminisce the good old days with my sisters in that small village. Both of my sisters now have their own kids and their kids are probably older than my sisters in this photo. I don't get to see my sisters often nowadays therefore I don't get to talk to them as much either.

As much as I appreciate the fact that I'm a city girl who have traveled the world, I sometimes miss the days when I was a little girl in a small village and spending my days with my sister in nature.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007



The sun is setting. Looking out the city and the ocean through the window... and writing in the darkness. The reflections of the sun on the glass buildings look very pretty. Vancouver can be such a charming city when the weather is clear and dry like this.

Today is the last day of my short vacation in Vancouver. It feels a bit strange. I don't remember what brought me to Vancouver this time... and I'm trying to remember. Is that because that I wanted to see the city I thought I was in love with? Is that some sort of hope that I can smell the fresh air again while I'm drowning. Or is that just some sort of escape from the reality that feels like a dream. I guess I don't even need an answer for that. It can be just another week. A week out of so many in my life.

I feel that I'm ready to say good-bye to the city. I will miss the ocean, parks, and the walk... but I feel that I'm done with the city. I feel some sense of closure here. Now I will have to look for another place where I can call home. It's funny as I travel more, I find it more difficult to fine a place I can fit in better... but I know I will never stop traveling... till I find home... and I'm thinking, will I ever find home again? I miss home that made me feel as a whole.

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