Monday, October 20, 2008

the challenge

the world forgetting, by the world forget.

About the time I arrived at Suncheon bay, the sun started sinking. I started panicking - I had to take a few decent shots of the bay before everything disappears into the dark. If not, I had to come back to the bay that would cost me 10 hours of trip. It's my second freelance photography job for a magazine.

At that point, I was 2.3 km away from the observatory where I could get some decent view for some decent shots. I guess I would have given up already if I didn't remember reading an article that you get to see the most beautiful sunset for about 30 minutes up to an hour after the sun goes down. I never really paid attention to that but had to trust it at that point.

I started hiking/ running on 45 degree steep hill for about 15 minutes and another 20 minutes that was rather flat. I was out of breath, my legs were shaking... but I had a purpose. The purpose that I had to make it to the observatory before everything disappears into the dark. That was my mission of the day. During that short time I was running up the hill, I somehow was relating that moment to life and started remembering all those moments that I wanted to give up on challenges I faced. I walked faster and I started running.

The sky was still bright enough to photograph the bay when I got to the observatory. I had to twig some camera settings as I forgot to bring a tripod... but I got some shots. I got the shots because I didn't give up and the sunset became the highlight of the day. It was the most beautiful sunset ever.

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